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We offer you

  • 24/7 transports
  • safe, fast and comfortable transports
  • friendly drivers
  • airport transports
  • long distance transports
  • luxury transports
  • eco friendly transports
  • credit / debit card payments
  • payment by moneta

Fleet of cars

Friendly drivers

Our drivers are qualified, friendly and communicative. You will always recieve services of the highest quality. If you're in for it you can always share a good joke with the drivers, vice versa. All of our drivers speak English, some also speak German, French and Italian.

Long distance transportation

Beside regular taxi transports, we offer long distance transportation with fixed prices. Transport prices from Ljubljana to: Jožef Pučnik (Brnik) airport for as low as 25€, Maribor 100€ or Venice 225 €. Contact us today and guarantee yourself a safe and comortable transport.

Low price transports

Prices are often the main consideration in choosing your transport. Travelling with us will provide transports in modern vehicles at the best prices, starting at 0,79 €/km, which makes us one of the cheapest transport providers in the country.

Economical and luxury vehicles

Our company has expanded our range of eco-friendly and luxury vehicles. Our fleet of cars among others consists of Audi A8, BMW 7 series and Škoda Superb. We also provide mini-vans and vans. All vehicles are air conditioned.

Payment methods

Our services can be payed with cash and credit/debit cards Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, BA, American Express and Karanta. All Simobil, Mobitel and Debitel users are can pay via Moneta.

Order your transport

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